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Ghana football dogged by lack of ambition - Nana Agyemang
Date: 11-Sep-2013
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Audio Attachment: Football analyst, Nana Agyemang has criticized handlers of the country's national teams for not setting "correct targets" with actionable plans to win laurels for the nation. Nana Agyemang said the handlers of the teams seemed content with setting short term targets and playing to satisfy supporters instead of strategizing to win trophies. Speaking on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM, Wednesday, Nana Agyemang said while European countries strategize to win the ultimate, Ghana's plans have always been to gain sympathies and to "do well". "What do you go to the World Cup to do; to do well? What do we go to the African Cup to do; to do well? What do you play international tournaments for; to do well? Well, in Ghana we only go to do well and we are happy to do well," he lamented.