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Full speech: President Mahama's State of the Nation address
Date: 04-Jan-2013
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Audio Attachment: President John Dramani Mahama has told Ghana’s legislative body that Ghanaians expect from them a concerted effort at fast-tracking the nation’s development, devoid of petty partisan bickering. Liking the House to a canoe, the president said Ghanaians “put us all right here in the same canoe, they gave us all paddles and told us to roll this country gently onto the road to recovery, growth and shared prosperity.” The president, whose re-election is being challenged by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), was delivering the last State of the Nation Address on the floor of the House of Parliament. In an attempt to rally the nation and inspire the citizens, the President said “Even with all our challenges, I believe a certain feeling of optimism is seeping into our Ghanaian consciousness; I believe that the days of division and discord are behind us and that an era of unity and national renewal is before us.”